Celebrities Riding Hoverboards These Days

Jan 04 , 2019

Celebrities Riding Hoverboards These Days

Self balancing scooters are commonly known as hoverboards. They are powered by batteries and are controlled by the position of the user’s body. Self balancing hoverboards have gained massive popularity since their introduction and the sales of the hoverboards have only increased. The demand and popularity of the hoverboard scooter reached such a high point that even the best hoverboard brands were finding it difficult to cope up with the demands.

Hoverboards were liked by by all. Isn't it? And why won't they be loved? The amazing concept of such a sustainable form of transport is easier for everyone to ride. You must be wondering how to ride a hoverboard, it is very easy as a matter of fact. With some practice one can easily get to know how to ride a hoverboard. Hoverboards were used by many people as an alternative mode of transport. People were using hoverboards for their daily commutes in different parts of the world. The hoverboards being compact and their ability to achieve good travelling speed are really ideal for urban commuting. But it is not only the common people who have chosen the hoverboards as a means of transportation and recreation, the celebrities too have really liked the hoverboard.

Famous Celebrities Who Ride Hoverboards

Celebrities using hoverboards is also one of the reasons why they have gained such popularity. Many people got inspired from celebrities to use hoverboards. Celebrities made hoverboards even more popular and was the one of the big reasons why hoverboards sales increased so much. One of the first celebrities who brought the hoverboard to the limelight was rapper Wiz Khalifa. Wiz Khalifa was riding his hoverboard inside the LAX airport. According to reports he was warned by officials no to ride it and to get off of it but the rapper reportedly refused to do so and was tackled to the ground by the officials. This news spread very quickly and many people got to know about hoverboards because of this.

A very popular Hollywood movie star, who has been responsible for bringing the hoverboard into the limelight is Jamie Foxx. The famous American actor appeared in Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and entered the show in a yellow hoverboard while holding an American flag in his hands. Pretty amazing, right?

Another very big star who is known to use hoverboards is Justin Bieber. The world famous singer has been seen many times riding a hoverboard. He has posted many pictures and videos of him riding the hoverboard in social media websites. With the number of fans that Justin Bieber has it is no wonder that even a single post of him riding a hoverboard will make thousands of people opt for the hoverboard.

Some of the other stars who ride hoverboards are singer Chris Brown, DJ Skrillex and the fastest man, Usain Bolt. All the celebrities riding these amazing gadgets have consequently made the people more aware of hoverboards and that is the reason why the sales of these gadgets have gone up every year.

Final Verdict

Hoverboards have brought about a revolution in the sphere of personal transportation. Many people have ditched walking and public transport for hoverboards because it is a very useful device. Many people have even compared the hoverboard revolution with the skateboard revolution. Never before has any device like the hoverboard has been invented which made daily commuting in urban environments so easy and cost effective. The use of hoverboards has indeed brought about a revolution. It can be really considered as a potential option for future sustainable transport medium.